TROTB Ministries strategically concentrates its efforts to three main focus areas.


Reaching Christian leaders and churches via networking is an integral part of TROTB ministries. We network via collaboration, intercession and facilitation. We break ground into new regions through prayer and intercession. We also partner with other churches and ministries for advancing the kingdom of God. Our networking is focused mainly among leaders and pastors. We facilitate various events, like prayer conferences and  intercessory workshops. Our aim is to advance the Church in one Spirit and uphold leaders in prayer.

Leadership Networking

Leadership networking includes connecting and collaborating with regional and national leaders. This is usually done by organizing or participating in workshops and prayer. We also facilitate the unified efforts of churches and ministries, coming together for common regional causes.


The main goal of the intercession team is to create an atmosphere for spiritual and social transformation in regions through prayer. We also conduct workshops and seminars to train people in intercession. We want to see prayer warriors coming forth from the nations.


The purpose of this focus area is to educate, equip and empower believers to grow into disciples. Our training programs foster an environment for spiritual growth. The main theme of our training programs are:

1. Intimacy with God

2. Integrity of Character

3. Intensity of Missions


At TROTB, training is delivered via programmes of different durations. We partner with other churches and ministries for rolling out training programmes.


Our trainers travel to locations around the world with the living Word of God. They reach and teach communities and people-groups with the truth of God’s Word. The regional teams also organise workshops, seminars and conferences on specific topics based on the needs of local churches in the region.


TROTB schools are scheduled at multiple locations around the globe. These happen all year round. The schools are designed to systematically train and equip believers. They help the believers get into a lifestyle of discipleship. A distraction free atmosphere is the signature feature of these schools. People have been able to connect with God on a deeper level during these schools. They go back with a proper understanding of the call of God upon their lives.


Transformation is an important arm of TROTB Ministries. We want to bring about social transformation from the individual to the society at large. This is done by running community adoption programmes, skills training and rehabilitation, social and spiritual outreaches and by fighting causes. We have multiple brands under which we coordinate social transformation.


Some of the projects under Transformation are featured below.

House of Hope

House of Hope concentrates on helping the poor and destitute of our society. The team works to provide medical, educational and food support. Every month the team identifies families who need support and essential supplies of food and medicine are home delivered. We provide skill development training to help families stand on their own feet. A stitching unit has been set up providing hands on training to widows and children from underprivileged families. We empower them to become active contributors in their community. A community centre is currently being built to further the vision.

Touch of Love

Touch of Love, a VIVO-venture, was birthed out of a need for compassion towards the destitute of our society. We served wholesome, home-cooked meals to the hungry with honor and love starting in 2015. This gave us the opportunity to spend time with them and instill a sense of belonging within their hearts. Our vision was to strengthen the weak and uplift the helpless.